Whole-body electromyostimulation as a mobile solution and business model for personal training

Sometimes it takes a wake-up call to make successful people what they are. For sportsman James Seilo, it was the experience of turning 30 that led him towards his decision to make a career out of his passion and start a career in fitness as a self employed personal trainer. He has been working as a qualified trainer for 13 years and never looked back.


He started with GP referrals, teaching deep-water aqua therapy classes for ladies over 60, who he describes as a “tough and incorrigible bunch”. He went on to run a personal training studio, as well as outdoor bootcamps using giant orange space hoppers and swing balls. These days, he successfully runs a mobile EMS business around Southampton and the surrounding areas of Hampshire.


How did you first get to know EMS Training?
One of my clients asked me to look into EMS Training as a very good friend of his had highly recommended it. Trying the miha bodytec system for the first time, I experienced a comfortable and time-saving workout that still had an intense effect, so I was immediately convinced by the technology.


What were the main advantages you initially experienced?
At first, I was sceptical about it as a replacement of a workout with weights. But the effect was actually quite similar to having performed heavy or weighted plyometric squats. Except all I needed was my body weight. There’s no excessive loading, so I realised that it’s just perfect for clients with joint-related issues, of which there are quite a few. As I said: There are no weights with the miha bodytec system. For me, as a mobile personal trainer, this also means that I don’t have to carry heavy equipment, which is a clear improvement to my business. That’s one huge advantage. Now, when I travel to my customers, I just bring the EMS device, which can be set up quickly to start the training. Also, the session is done after only twenty minutes, so it’s a win-win.


How did your customers respond to this new mode of training?
Many clients tell me that they've noticed a real change in muscle tone and shape. They miss the training when on holiday and find it strangely addictive. But it really depends on the habits of my customers, their fitness level or specific health issues. There are many stories to tell – let me give a few examples. One of my clients has a recurring achilles tendon problem. Ordinarily, she would either have to stop sessions due to the pain or just do upper-body work. With the EMS Training, we have been able to continue whole-body training while actually reducing the pain level in her achilles using the system's body relax mode. Similarly, another client has a history of lumbar pain. He would have had to visit his chiropractor once every two or three weeks for treatment. Since we started, he hasn’t been to see him for five months. One client proudly reported that his wife had complimented him on his bottom, comparing it to that of a twenty year old. He’s 73.


How has your customer base changed since providing mobile EMS personal training?
Well, since implementing the system, I've been able to engage with a market of clients previously out of reach: those intimidated by seeing a trainer, going to a gym and under time pressures. Most importantly, word of mouth spread quickly, so that within a few weeks I'd increased my client base significantly. I also hear from many of my old clients that there has been quite an improvement. Lastly, a lady who has been with me for 10 years mentioned recently that these days, she looks forward to her sessions! I try not to take it personally. Possibly the most surprising benefit has been gaining clients who already have a regular trainer, as they don’t see it as being disloyal or a conflict of interest. Without a doubt the EMS system has injected a new lease of life into my business and given me a unique advantage in a highly competitive PT market.